The story behind The Creating Center

Marilú began her work in education almost 30 years ago.  She worked in the private, non-for-profit and public sectors.   She has been a teacher, mentor, facilitator and director of educational programs, and she served as National Director within the Ministry of Education in Panama.  Through her career she has promoted child-centered methodologies and defended the rights of  all children to receive quality education.   

‘The pandemic’ was the trigger she needed to bring together all her skills and knowledge in order to develop one of her great dreams: a school based on an education method different from the traditional one.

She felt this “new moment” proved to us that traditional methods of education will no longer serve to educate children for the needs of our future society.  

That ‘simple’ analysis was enough for her to pour out all her energy into shaping the ideas and concepts that she had learned and developed throughout her career, and translating them into a different educational model.  This new model takes what is good from traditional education and other methods like Montesorri and Woldorf, and brings them to the 21century through creativity. Thus The Creating Center was born.

After socializing with friends who contributed points of view and strengthened the concept, a call with Ana María Vallarino made the manifestation of the idea posible.  It turns out Buenaventura had been looking for the right educational model for a long time.  

Not much time passed between that conversation and the beginning of operations for The Creating Center in a unique environment, taking advantage of all the facilities that exist in Buenaventura. Meeting rooms were adapted into educational spaces and The Center took advantage of all the beautiful natural environment and the amenities of a world-class complex.

The Creating Center reached its first year in October 2021, and our growing community already has over 17 nationalities represented within our family!

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