A different educational model

A different educational model, which takes the best of the traditional and perfects it through a philosophy that promotes learning through creativity.

From day one our students learn to work independently, guided by facilitators who support students while they complete the activities and requirements of the program in an individualized environment.

Our students receive their grades through our partner school in the United States that meets all international schools’  high quality standards.

Our creative learning model is built on five pillars

Quality Education that enhances your child's skills

Our online curriculum is internationally recognized and has over 30 years of experience. Students who graduate with this diploma continue their education in Universities worldwide.  In addition, within the program, we offer AP courses, which are Advanced Placement courses where students receive university credits.

Some characteristics of our pedagogy are:


We use the Edmentum international curriculum as a base for our syllabus. The full curriculum is available through the Central Digital Platform. The curriculum is fully accredited and students graduate with a United States high school certificate.

Flexible Schedule

The Center is open from 8 am to 3 pm. Learners can come to school every day, or the family can choose a flexible schedule according to the learner’s needs. Facilitators support all learners in setting goals and keeping up with their work.


Each student will have an individual learning path according to their abilities and interests but will join others for projects in multi-level and multi-age groups.

Live through learning

The program includes projects where they have to put into practice what they are learning. This takes the knowledge to real-life and takes advantage of everything that Buenaventura offers.


Our Center offers a different kind of environment. There are no traditional classrooms. Rooms and areas are flexible and are specially designed to accommodate different activities and learning styles to motivate children's multiple intelligences.


We believe that children can learn to self-regulate their emotions. We teach resilience and determination, and we will guide children in a process of self-discovery. When you know and understand yourself, you will be better able to meet challenges that may arise.