Welcome to Playa Venao Campus

Bringing world-class education to Los Santos Region.

Working with individual learning paths in a flexible environment

Where curiosity intertwines with the coastal essence.

The perfect place for flexible and independent learning

The finished structure will boast separate buildings for early years, elementary, middle, and high school education, alongside a cutting-edge library, media center, and innovation lab. 

Additionally, it will feature sports courts, playgrounds, and various other amenities to enrich the educational experience.

The Center is unveiling their second campus – a dynamic state of the art school nestled in the heart of Playa Venao in partnership with Moledet Group. 

Our mission transcends conventional schooling; we are shaping an educational haven where curiosity intertwines with the coastal essence.

What Makes Us Special

Natural Inspiration

A new space that fosters creativity and mental well-being, enhancing their learning experience.

Outdoor Learning Experiences

Playa Venao serves as an extended classroom, offering unique hands-on experiences.

Environmental Education

Nearness to beach encourages hands-on learning, fostering environmental stewardship.

Resilience Community

Understanding coastal ecosystems builds resilience, adapting to environmental changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

We promote talents and life skills for a successful future

Students can engage in a variety of activities including beach sports, environmental clubs, and cultural excursions.

Our campus maintains strict safety protocols, and trained staff supervise beach activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Yes, we hope to offer transportation services for students living in nearby areas, ensuring convenient access to the campus.hope

We provide a diverse range of academic programs complemented by modern facilities, dedicated teachers, and personalized support services.

We encourage parent involvement through regular communication, volunteer opportunities, and events that promote a strong sense of community.

Yes, students are encouraged to engage in community service initiatives and conservation efforts, partnering with local organizations to make a positive impact.

Our curriculum incorporates hands-on experiences, field trips, and projects that emphasize environmental sustainability and stewardship of coastal ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are nurturing a new generation of children

Come join us in our Venao Campus starting next Academic Year 2024 – 2025.

Early Years

From nursery to 2nd grade, we lay the foundation for children to enjoy learning and love what they do.

Upper Elementary

In the years between 3rd and 5th grade, the goal is for students to be much more independent in their learning process.


Our students prepare for their future and upon graduation, obtain a diploma from the US, which will allow them to apply to the best international universities.

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