Physics in Action: Experiential Learning at the Green

At The Creating Center, we prioritize experiential learning to deepen students’ understanding of subjects. In this blog post, we invite you to join us on a remarkable journey as our students delved into the world of physics at the beautiful Buenaventura Golf Club. Through hands-on activities and exploration, our 2nd and 3rd graders experienced the concepts of contact and non-contact forces, paving the way for a more profound comprehension of the physical world around them.

Discovering the Power of Forces

On a sunny Wednesday, September 7th, our students embarked on a field study that aimed to provide them with firsthand experience of how contact forces impact movement. Using their own bodies, they applied different levels of force to objects and examined how their stance and position influenced the direction of that force. This immersive exploration not only deepened their knowledge of physics but also nurtured skills such as patience, concentration, and finding their “center.”

Unleashing Potential

The field study at the Golf Club was not only an opportunity for our students to grasp the principles of physics but also a chance for hidden talents to emerge. With newfound insights into the workings of forces, some of our students may even discover their passion for golf and develop the skills to excel in the sport. Who knows, we may witness the blossoming of future golf professionals within The Creating Center!

Experiential learning at The Creating Center takes our students beyond textbooks and traditional classroom settings. By immersing themselves in hands-on activities, they gain a deeper understanding of subject matter, develop essential skills, and ignite their passions. Join us in celebrating the power of experiential learning and its ability to create meaningful connections between knowledge, real-world applications, and the individual potential of our students.

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