Changing Points of View

How many children can learn and experience the world as it is? Learning takes place outside as much as inside the classroom. Young children are running around, picking up plants and leaves to count or looking at ant trails.

It is these types of things that we do in order to elevate learning and take advantage of all that Buenaventura has to offer. Putting what they are learning into practice allows them to understand and apply it in real life. 

For example, at the Buenaventura Conservation Center, students are learning about the animals that have been rescued, many in danger of extinction.

They discover their history, why they were rescued, where they come from, and what they are doing here. They investigate ways to solve the issues that harm the environment and endanger the lives of these animals. Children are learning things from real life.

Nature is the best setting to learn. It is the space where we coexist, and where we visualize how our actions impact the environment and that we cannot break the balance that should exist on our planet. Understanding and promoting it educates young people who are passionate about nature and its care.

Experiencing it will never be the same as reading it in a book locked in a classroom.

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