Fostering Curiosity

If we have to be clear about something, it is that human beings never stop learning. However, the process requires the help of one of the most undervalued traits in the traditional system: independence. Independence drives children to be curious, and the best way to learn is by developing curiosity.  At The Creating Center we […]

Changing Points of View

How many children can learn and experience the world as it is? Learning takes place outside as much as inside the classroom. Young children are running around, picking up plants and leaves to count or looking at ant trails. It is these types of things that we do in order to elevate learning and take […]

Let’s promote diversity

As parents, we all wonder,  what is the best method of education? There is no correct answer. It depends on many factors.  We are sure of one thing and that is that all children are unique and learn in different ways. One thing is for sure, no one method works for all children.  So, when […]

The story behind The Creating Center

Marilú began her work in education almost 30 years ago.  She worked in the private, non-for-profit and public sectors.   She has been a teacher, mentor, facilitator and director of educational programs, and she served as National Director within the Ministry of Education in Panama.  Through her career she has promoted child-centered methodologies and defended […]